Yo China Offers New Coupon Opportunity

Posted under Deals by Ashley Genet on Friday 12 November 2010 at 10:13 pm

Nov 12, 2010 – There are many local restaurants serving Indian versions of Chinese food. But there are a few which deliver high standard Chinese food along with good ambience. To spice up your Chinese food, Khojguru has come up with a discount coupon that gets you a free vegetarian or chicken appetizer on the minimum bill of Rs. 399. The discount is available at select outlets of Yo China.

Yo! China is India’s first and largest Chinese fast food chain. It has 43 points of presence across the country. Yo! China offers high quality Chinese food at affordable prices served in an international ambience. It is known for its tantalizing Clay Pot dishes like Mongolian chicken and Kung Pao vegetable, delectable array of dimsums, and the very authentic Burmese Yo! Special Khao Suey.  The restaurant offers fast service and a child friendly atmosphere.

Khojguru.com is one of India’s leading online discount players. Khojguru provides exclusive discount coupons from hundreds of brands and retailers to bring benefits to the shoppers. You can find attractive deals from restaurants, saloons, electronics, movies, books and much more. The website also provides up to date information on sales and offers happening at any brand. All this is coupled with detailed information for every outlet. These discounts can be easily downloaded as an SMS on to the mobile phone or in some cases a print out is required. The user then needs to show this SMS coupon or print-out coupon at the outlet to avail the offer. Coupons for online stores are promotion codes which can be entered at the time of making a purchase.

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Khojguru is an online discount coupon website that is localized for major cities of India. As of October 2010, Khojguru serves more than 8 cities across India.

New Kohl’s Giftcard Offers Opportunity For LARGE Savings

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Nov 04, 2010 – Kohls Free Gift Card - Save Money Whenever You Shop

Do you want to shop and spend more at the same time? Do you sometimes think you deserve to get more for your hard-earned cash? Well, now, it is possible to do so with Kohls free gift card and coupons. Whether its clothes, shoes, accessories, home products, popular branded products, great labels that are hard to find; you can get them all at highly affordable rates, thanks to Kohls coupons.

Get FREE $1000 KOHL Gift Card online

With Kohls coupons, you can get price reductions up to seventy percent - sometimes, even more! - for practically any product you see at Kohls. If you take full advantage of these coupons, you will spend less money on any purchase, whether it is a standard priced one or a discounted one. Plus, you can even use various Kohls coupons in conjunction with other product sales and discount coupons to get items for free in return. In fact, you can also put Kohls free shipping code to use with them. What more can you ask for?

Another great thing about these coupons is that they can be found in different forms. Sometimes, you will be able to find Kohls coupons in magazines and tabloids, while you may sometimes find them on the World Wide Web. Fortunately, both Internet and paper coupons offer up the same great reductions and will allow you to choose the kind of store shopping that you would prefer to use. Several Kohls coupons are easy to print from the Internet, as well, making it possible for you to avail of the advantages of Kohls purchases from any of the traditional shops located all over the country. This will save you a lot of time from looking through magazines and clipping out coupon codes, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Keep in mind that some coupon codes cannot be printed, though; these are usually categorized under discount links or bonus codes. With them, you can get outstanding price savings with just a few clicks, so you can get the products that you want  to buy online with ease. However, every minute counts with these bonus codes, so you have to be very attentive and pay close attention to them because they only offer up reductions for a certain span of time.

Get FREE $1000 KOHL Gift Card online

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New Method To Obtain Cheap Tracfone Minutes

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Oct 29, 2010 – Free Tracfone minutes are easy to encounter and are available to you in several places. Free Tracfone minutes can save you lots of money on your Tracfone bill. You’ve come to the right place if you are looking to find free Trackfone airtime codes. However, make sure you understand to add airtime from the Tracfone website and not directly on the phone. Click Here for Free Tracfone Minutes

Check for your free Tracfone minutes on the Tracfone website. More often than not, they will be running phone and airtime specials.

Acquire a combo of a phone that will be discontinued and airtime minutes rather than the airtime minutes by themselves. Usually in this case, the free Tracfone minutes will be shipped with the new phone, so you can add them directly to your old phone.

Recycle the device and take advantage of the 20 free minutes you are eligible for doing so. Or you can sell it, and buy more free Tracfone minutes.

Search for free Tracfone minutes on people’s blogs. Usually, there are individuals who have a website or blog that are devoted to providing free Tracfone minutes to people at no cost. Go to a major search engine and type in free Tracfone minutes blog and browse through the search results. Find the blog that you are searching for, and look for your free Tracfone airtime codes.

Be sure you add your free Tracfone minutes directly from the Tracfone website and not directly on the phone. This is crucial because if you type in the code to your phone and the free airtime code is wrong, expired or invalid you get the minutes, but not for free. Always try old codes, because sometimes they actually work. Always, make sure to use the web so as to add your airtime and never the Rapid Refill option.

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Tracfone.us is an official Tracfone website where you can buy Tracfone cell phones, purchase Tracfone Airtime, and activate your new Tracfone.

New Episode of ‘Designing Spaces’ Features Revolutionary FINISH ‘Quantum’ Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

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Oct 20, 2010

The latest edition of TV hit ‘Designing Spaces’ features revolutionary dishwashing detergent FINISH ‘Quantum’, a detergent that provides clean dishes the first time, every time even without pre-rinsing. FINISH ‘Quantum’, from the FINISH portfolio of products, offers a solution to the irritation of wasting time  and washing dishes especially when it comes to pre-rinsing and rewashing. Tune in November 5th, 7th, and 8th at 9:30 a.m. (ET/PT) to watch this episode on WEtv.

“Today’s advanced dishwashing detergents like FINISH Quantum are designed to do the pre-rinsing work for you and to deliver perfect results the first time you wash, saving you time and money,” says Diane Hoffman, an expert in automatic dishwasher operations. “Many people are surprised to find out that for optimal results with Quantum?, you should scrape and not rinse your dishes, then let the detergent do the work for you. It can truly revolutionize your kitchen clean-up routine!”

Fifty percent of U.S. households own a dishwasher and 90 percent of them pre-rinse. However, pre-rinsing dishes can waste up to almost 20 gallons of water per load.  In this episode, Hoffman demonstrates the power behind FINISH? Quantum?, and how it eliminates the need to pre-rinse. Here are additional dishwashing tips for viewers to try at home:

Scrape, don’t rinse Scrape your dishes because active ingredients in your detergent need food residue to work properly.

Load properly As a general rule of thumb, cups, glasses and less soiled items should be placed on the top rack and larger and dirtier items are best on the bottom rack.

Select the right detergent Try FINISH? Quantum? which has detergent so powerful there’s no need to pre-rinse your dishes.

Avoid cloudy glasses If cloudy film can be removed by rubbing vinegar on your glass, then you have hard water in your home and need to use a detergent, like FINISH? Quantum?, that’s been designed to soften the water so the detergent can do its work.

Clean your dishwasher Dirt may build up in hard to see places such as the spray arm and pipes. Cleaning your dishes should be done with a clean dishwasher, so remove this filming and dirt by using a dishwasher cleaner once a month.

Lysa Liemer, ‘Designing Spaces’ Executive VP of Programming and Chief Operating Officer, says, “We are always exploring exciting topics and trends to inspire viewers to take on all home challenges, and energy efficiency dilemmas and Reckitt Benckiser, along with their innovative line of FINISH dishwashing products delivered the perfect solution.”

About Designing Spaces

Created by O2 Media’s Quorum Productions, Designing Spaces is a half-hour informative series that inspires viewers to make every space count and instructs them on the smartest ways to make their homes more beautiful and functional.  Quorum Productions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of O2 Media Inc., is a Florida-based production company that is nationally renowned for creating award-winning educational programming. If you have a great idea for a story, or want to be a part of the show please contact Lysa Liemer.

About FINISH/Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser is a world leader in household, health and personal care. It is a FTSE top 15 company and since 2000 net revenues have doubled and the market cap has quadrupled.  Today it is the global No 1 or No 2 in the majority of its fast-growing categories, driven by an exceptional rate of innovation near 40% of revenue comes from innovations launched in the prior 3 years. It has a strong portfolio led by 17 global powerbrands which are: Finish, Lysol, Dettol, Vanish, Woolite, Calgon, Airwick, Harpic, Bang, Mortein, Veet, Nurofen, Clearasil, Strepsils Gaviscon, Mucinex and French’s, and they account for over two thirds of its net revenue. Reckitt Benckiser people are at the heart of the company’s success. They have an intense drive for progress and action and a desire to outperform wherever they focus, including in CSR where the Company has the most ambitious corporate responsibility programme in the industry through its Carbon 20 initiative. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the Company employs 23,000 people worldwide, with operations in over 60 countries and sales in nearly 200 countries. For more information visit RECKITTBENCKISER.COM.

Kettlebells Are This Year’s Most Unique Christmas Gift Idea

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Oct 11, 2010 – Thinking of a unique gift idea for the fitness enthusiast in your life this holiday season? Online kettlebells resource Russian-Kettlebell.com is now featuring kettlebell quick start kits - gift bundles of a kettlebell, a workout DVD, and kettlebell training book all together at one low price for a perfect gift idea.

“Training with kettlebells is truly a unique, effective workout that many people are starting to become more and more aware of,” said a spokesperson for the site. “With the holiday season fast approaching, what better idea for the fitness enthusiast in your life than to introduce them to the kettlebell workout with a pre-bundled set up with everything they’ll need to get started the right way. There are different quick start kit packages specifically designed for both men and women at different levels of fitness, and different choices between kettlebell weight sizes tailored to each individual need. It’s definitely a unique idea, and one they’re sure to enjoy.”

Featuring kettlebells for sale, training DVDs, and kettlebell instructor certification resources, Russian-Kettlebell.com has been online as a major kettlebells resource since 2004.

For more information on kettlebells, kettlebell quick start kits, and other unique fitness gift ideas, please visit Russian-Kettlebell.com.

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Russian-Kettlebell.com was established in 2004 as the authority in online resources for kettlebells, kettlebell training DVD’s, and kettlebell exercise programs. Also featuring related strength and conditioning products such as clubbells, the site has maintained a high profile as one of the premier online destinations for information on training with kettlebells.

New Ways To Save Money For Holiday Season

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Oct 07, 2010 – People shop every day.  But with the holidays coming I just wanted to share a way to save money on what you buy. You can save money at Wal-Mart, Best buy, Sears, Kmart, thousands of stores. There are several cash back programs. I did some research to find the biggest cash back programs that are used today. Each of them have their pros and cons. I recommend signing up for the two that you like the best, they are free and take less than five minutes, from there when you shop go to both of the programs you signed up for and see which one will save you the most money on the purchase you are making. The different cash back programs can be found on my Cash Back Shopping page. . To use the exclusive specials and discounts simply log into the home page for the cash back program and search for either a specific store or a product. If you search for a store it will show you all of the specials and deals for that store.  If you search for a product it will show you all of the stores that have that product, as well as the price there, the specials there, and the cash back percentage. There is also a page that I found for people who shop mostly on eBay. The person who runs this eBay Cash Back page is constantly looking for newer better information and ways to save people the most money.

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Save money with coupons, specials, deals, discounts,and cash back at over 2000 stores. You can also save on entertainment, cell phones, insurance, and more.

Khojguru makes lives exciting

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Nov 04, 2010 – An arrangement of favourite posters can add personality and warmth to any room. But a large unused wall makes a room unexciting. And to bring that excitement to your room Khojguru.com, one of India’s leading online discount players, has come up with a discount coupon that gets you 75% Off on 14×22 inch (newspaper’s front page size) photograph poster worth Rs. 145 from ExcitingLives.com.

Excitinglives.com is an online gifting portal where one can find unique & unconventional gift ideas. This website lists a number of options, each of which offers a multiple choice of gifts for as low as Rs 100 or gift experiences that begin at Rs 20,000. The wide variety of gifts includes spa treatments, balloon rides, F1 car drive, stretch limo ride and much more. You can click on the gift selector, fill in your criteria and get that gift.

Khojguru.com is a unique Delhi based startup that provides exclusive discount coupons from hundreds of brands and retailers to bring benefits to the shoppers. You can find attractive deals from restaurants, saloons, electronics, movies, books and much more. The website also provides up to date information on sales and offers happening at any brand. All this is coupled with detailed information for every outlet. These discounts can be easily downloaded as an SMS on to the mobile phone or in some cases a print out is required. The user then needs to show this SMS coupon or print-out coupon at the outlet to avail the offer. Coupons for online stores are promotion codes which can be entered at the time of making a purchase.

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Khojguru is an online discount coupon website that is localized for major cities of India. As of October 2010, Khojguru serves more than 8 cities across India.

For more details please visit: http://www.khojguru.com

Brighton Keeping it Safe Madison Jewelry Case Promotion at Karalina’s

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– Get a colorful coated fabric Brighton Madison Jewelry Case FREE with the purchase of $100 of Brighton products at Karalina’s of Clifton Park Center

Spend $100 on Brighton jewelry, charms, wallets, handbags, shoes, sunglasses, eyeglasses, accessories or gift items and you will receive the jewelry case FREE.

The Brighton Madison jewelry case is a $30 value.

(Limit of one per customer. While supplies last. Promotion ends November 14th, 2010).

Karalina’s is located at Clifton Park Center in southern Saratoga county, minutes from Albany at Exit 9W off the Northway (I87).

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Karalina’s is a locally owned unique combination of a women’s boutique, gift and home decor shop that strives to offer unique merchandise with quality customer service at an affordable price, featuring Chamilia, Brighton, fresh produce, FLAX & much more.

50% Off Used Cars Sale - Edwards Subaru Hyundai - Omaha/Council Bluffs

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– Edwards Subaru Hyundai is teaming up with Lake Manawa Nissan and combining inventory on October 28th-30th for a huge sale - up to 50% off msrp Used Car Sale. This event is for 3 days only and starts daily at 8:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night. The best selection will be available earlier in the sale.

Free drinks and food will be provided. Radio stations from all around the Omaha metro will be present announcing the event and handing out their own promotions: Channel 94.1, Star 104.5, 105.9 Classic Rock, and Z92.

There will be over 500 used cars included in this sale. All vehicles will be clearly marked and organized by percentage off. Most cars are still under factory warranty. Used cars come with a three month/3,000 powertrain warranty. Some used cars are reduced so that no down payment is required.

Certified Used cars are also available. They have warranties up to 100,000 miles.

Sales tax of all vehicles can be financed - Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, etc… Payments can be deferred until next year.

Good credit, bad credit, and no credit customers all have options. Multiple lending organizations will be available to extend credit to those who have otherwise been denied.

Over 400 new cars are also included in this event: Subaru, Hyundai, Nissan, and Kia. Payments of $99 are available and include a 100,000 mile/10 year warranty from the factory.

For additional information, visit http://edwardssubaruhyundai.com. You can also call our Edwards Internet Sales team at 866-436-3888 or email sales@edwardssubaruhyundai.com


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Edwards Subaru Hyundai of Omaha sells new and used Subarus and Hyundais. We also service all makes and models.

Recieve an Extra 1,000 Priority Club Points

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– The InterContinental at Doral Miami is getting in the spirit of the holidays early this year by offering all travelers an extra 1,000 Priority Club Points during their stay at the hotel during the dates of October 27, 2010 thru November 30, 2010. All travelers that print out this press release and present it at check in process will be rewarded with the additional 1,000 Priority Club Points. The InterContinental at Doral Miami is conveniently located to Miami’s two largest malls for shopping, easily accessible from the turnpike and major expressways. If you have time and want to get a round of golf in we are within 10 minutes of 7 golf courses and our concierge would be happy to assist you in securing your tee time. A wide variety of local restaurants are also available for your evening dinner plans. When your plans call for a visit  to Miami for either pleasure or business make sure you make the most of it by staying at the InterContinental at Doral Miami.

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InterContinental at Doral Miami is a full service luxury business hotel located in the heart of the renown city of Doral. A perfect choice for the busness traveler that needs all the comfort of his office and yet feel at home. Airport only 6 miles away. A wide variety of local restaurants and and easy access from major expressways and turnpike. A number of golf courses located within minutes of hotel.

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