Thousands Throughout United States Swarm To Theaters For New Harry Potter Film

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It was a scene that was all to popular, at more movie theaters than one can count. In places like Bibb County, Georgia over 2,000 fans stood in line for hours upon hours to get their chance to see the midnight screening of what expects to be one of the Holiday season’s biggest movie. The scene was the same in Annapolis, Maryland where over 1,100 did the exact same thing. The respective theaters were using every screen they had to show the film, anywhere from 10, to 16, to even 24 screen theaters all giving Hogwarts fans what they wanted to see.

Fans young and old, from the age of 13-73 were in line and waiting to experience a movie they said seemed to take ages to arrive. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows is also the seventh and final installment in the tremendously popular fiction series. “It was only July of last year that we saw The Half-Blood Prince but it seems like an entire lifetime has gone by waiting for this one to come out. I don’t know how I am going to manage for the 2nd part that comes out next year.” said Thomas Crownsworth, a 21 year old college student at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.

The Deathly Hollows has been broken into 2 parts with the first being released November 19, 2010 and the second part, and final chapter of the film and the Harry Potter series itself hitting theaters over 6 months from the first portion, July 15, 2011.


Trouble, Duck, and Big Dog Go Camping

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– sees the return of Esther Mackey’s three loveable characters, as Trouble, Duck, and Big Dog discover that though life is filled with many interesting adventures, some can certainly be more challenging than others.

In , the three friends are in for double-trouble. When they steal away from the vet’s office and manage to sneak off into the woods, they encounter a skunk and soon find themselves in a pretty stinky situation. Then Jimmy, Mom and Dad’s teenage son, take them on a camping trip. But it doesn’t take long till Trouble, Duck, and Big Dog are, once again, in over their heads. Not to worry though; because regardless of what happens, Jimmy, their hero, is never too far away to save the day.

TROUBLE, DUCK, AND BIG DOG GO CAMPING (ISBN: 978-60976-460-9) will be available on October 25, 2010 for $13.95 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website: …

or at or

Wholesalers please email

About the Author: Esther Mackey, the successful author of The Adventures of Trouble, Duck and Big Dog, has been writing stories for children since she retired. “Who could be more suited,” Esther says, “than one who has been surrounded by children and pets for more than fifty years?” Recently, Mackey has written a story for 9- to 11-year-olds titled In Between My Brothers and Me, and a picture book for young children, Little Bear and Honey Bee. But what’s next for Trouble, Duck, and Big Dog? Esther promises there will be more adventures to come in the near future. Esther Mackey completed a writing course at the Children’s Institute of Literature in April 2005. She is married, a mother, a grandmother, and a lifelong resident of Joliet, Illinois.

Strategic Book Group

P.O. Box 333 Durham, CT 06422  - -

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Strategic Book Group specializes in promoting the works of new and previously undiscovered writers. We make books available to bookstores and Internet distributors throughout the United States and Europe. SBG is aggressively seeking new talent.

Personal Secrets & Scandals Made Public by Story Peeps Secret Society

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– Secret Societies are known to keep secrets, but Story Peeps Secret Society does the exact opposite, they share member secrets publicly! Why do members join this Secret Society? Most join to talk about their colorful past anonymously. Story Peeps is essentially a form of public therapy from Attorney’s to Soccer Moms.

Story Peeps Secret Society started out as a medium for the creator (Goes by SP Master username) to vent his own personal secrets, which he carried around for years, without the comfort of being able to expose them to someone else, because of his trust issues.

“The problem is that it’s hard for me to trust people, because I have been stabbed in the back and betrayed countless times. And after years and years of walking around with this baggage of personal secrets, I kept thinking about how great it would be, if I could vent them anonymously and help people who are going through similar situations. This year I got my chance after the economy forced me to close my business down, and I began pursuing my lifelong dream to share my incredible life with the world. I predict that Story Peeps Secret Society will help countless people from various walks of life, by finally giving them a medium to be themselves without the fear of being judged by their family, friends, and co-workers. Story Peeps gave me the opportunity to move forward with my life by giving me a medium to rid myself of the guilt that I have carried for decades.  I cannot wait until the site celebrates its 10 year anniversary, because by then it will have truly made a significant impact on society, judging by its current membership growth and online discussions. ”

Like many other dreams that started from the aftermath of a disaster, Story Peeps has the potential to help just about anyone who harbors deep personal secrets by providing them with the ability to clean the skeletons out of their closet, and talk about their scandals anonymously with other members.

“Just think about the freedom of talking about the things that you are so tired of keeping to yourself, and finally communicating with other people about it in complete anonymity.”  SP Master

SP Master told us that the site/secret society will remain free to explore, but that may change depending on what members vote on in the future. If the site does convert to a paid membership site, secret society members prior to the conversion will remain free for life.

# # #

Story Peeps Secret Society formed in mid February of 2010. It achieved a Google PageRank 3 in less than 2 months, and there are over 400 registered society members as of this press release.

For more Information about Story Peeps Secret Society and to sign up for a free membership:


This information was provided by the creator of Story Peeps Secret Society to Voitek Lex Klimczyk

For Media Relations please contact liaison to “SP Master”.

The Music in Me - It’s All About the Music!

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– It’s all about the music! Music has the power to stimulate, relax and inspire us. From the cradle to our final breaths, we are serenaded with the beauty of rhythmic melodies in our lives.

The Music in Me is a children’s picture book that shares the joy that music can bring. In it, a young boy wakes to the sound of birds singing outside his window. This musical journey takes us on a trip of discovery that awakens the senses, as he encounters the beauty found in the music all around us. It continues with his joyful dance when music first enthralls him, and ends on a lullaby that carries him to dreamland.

This three-part book is accompanied by a downloadable CD designed to stimulate the auditory needs of children. There are more than 15 downloadable activities and lesson plans that bring out the music in you.

THE MUSIC IN ME (ISBN: 9781609114398) will be available on  October 25, 2010 for $16.50 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website: …

Or at or

Wholesalers please email

About the Author: Renee Rainville is a teacher who believes there should be more literature that stimulates children’s senses. Originally from Meriden, Connecticut, she currently lives in Monterrey, Mexico, with her husband and two children. She is writing her next book, Carrie’s Song. Illustrator Roberta Cleontes lives in Monterrey, Mexico, and is working on her next project with Renee Rainville, the children’s picture book How Do You Know?

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On a Roundabout to Murder

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– Some neat twists and turns take university student Karrie Carter to a completely different future than she had ever envisioned. Taking a carefree summer vacation in Europe with her boyfriend, Karrie discovers that the man is really a terrorist. Unwittingly involved in a diamond heist, Karrie turns to CIA operative, Bill White, for help. The two end up marrying, with Karrie also joining the agency as an agent, her mission is to find traitors within the CIA.

When Karrie’s former boyfriend shoots and wounds her new husband, Karrie confronts her ex and must decide if revenge is as important as her mission.

ON A ROUNDABOUT TO MURDER (ISBN: 978-1-60976-228-5) will be available on October 25, 2010 for $13.95 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website: …

or at or

Wholesalers please email

About the Author: Lawrence J. Marr was raised rural England and now resides in a suburb of Perth, Australia. He has written two other published novels and is currently working on a murder mystery titled The Four Alcoholic Virgins.

Strategic Book Group

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Strategic Book Group specializes in promoting the works of new and previously undiscovered writers. We make books available to bookstores and Internet distributors throughout the United States and Europe. SBG is aggressively seeking new talent.

Silly Animals - A Read-to-Me Bedtime Book of Poetry

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– Colorful, playful and full of whimsy, Silly Animals is a read-to-me bedtime book based on human sayings acted out by animals! What do children envision when they hear phrases like, “pigeon-toed,” “when pigs fly,” or “monkey shines?” Ever wonder if that’s really the “cat’s pajamas?” Now you and your little ones can take a look inside and find out!

What began as a collection of poems for Christine Odom’s children developed into this book of short, rhyming fanciful poetry inspired by her granddaughter, Sammy.

Silly Animals (ISBN: 978-1-60976-375-6) will be available October 25, 2010, for $12.50 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website: …

or at or

Wholesalers please email

About the Author:

Christine Odom grew up in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio, and now lives in Medina County with her husband, Kenneth, five cats and a dog. She has two happily married daughters and one granddaughter, Samantha, living in California.

Strategic Book Group

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Strategic Book Group specializes in promoting the works of new and previously undiscovered writers. We make books available to bookstores and Internet distributors throughout the United States and Europe. SBG is aggressively seeking new talent.

Paul Anka warns the new generation.

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– The former teen idol Paul Anka wants to have a say about the new generation teen idol, especially when media compared him to the new icon, Justin Bieber. If the public sees a resemblance between the two singers, to Mr. Anka, there is no resemblance at all…

When Usher first showed his dance moves, people would compare him to the late Michael Jackson. Then Celine Dion arrived and was considered as the white “Whitney Houston”… now Justin Bieber is admired by millions of fans and everyone sees him as a new Paul Anka. The 69 year old singer stays current but laughed over those recent comparisons and has his opinion on the matter. Indeed, he doesn’t guarantee a long lasting career to the Usher prot?g?. Having been an entertainer for years, Anka knows how to separate an artist who will be a fading wonder from an artist who’s built for a long and promising career. According to him, a career shouldn’t be just a one-moment phenomenon but rather a brand that would survive through ages and generations. He fears for Justin Bieber a career that will soon dwindle much like the former teen idol Donny Osmond. We feel however that Justin has what it takes to last. He possess the stage confidence and has the hip-hop moves that have captured the hearts of his fans. He also has a team who manage his image, and finally he is connected to his fans daily through social networks, further becoming a part of their lives. These factors have made Justin Bieber one of the biggest headline lines attractions of 2010. But Paul Anka repeats again: ” Popularity is a goal and Longevity, its secret “.

Similarly he’s pointing at the Lady Gaga’s mania, but never felt attracted to her style. “I listen to Lady Gaga lyrics, what the hell happened, the lyrics make no goddamed sense. All she does is talk about sex, but the lyrics sound like they’re written by a 10 year old.” Paul Anka belongs to another generation and his reluctance towards Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga is understandable but hopefully his advice didn’t fall on deaf ears. Well Mr. Bieber, Miss Gaga, remember you’ve been warned, don’t let the sudden fame fool you, play with it and make it last.

If you are someone who sings to Justin Bieber in your room, a fan who keeps humming the “Alejandro” melody or a nostalgic ex-groupie of Paul Anka, don’t wait for the last call to get your seats, check out the website

To see Paul Anka …

Lady Gaga

Or Justin Bieber

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The latest scoop on sports, music, concerts and celebrities. We watch all the trends in the entertainment world and report them to you. People, places and events all at the click of your mouse! Any and everything entertainment. That’s Us!

A Holiday Chamber Concert With Orchestra Of St. Luke’s

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– On Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 4:00 pm, Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts’ Great Artists in the Music Room series celebrates the holidays with the Orchestra of St. Luke’s in the Rosen House Music Room. One of America’s foremost chamber orchestras, the Orchestra of St. Luke’s returns to its birthplace to bring Caramoor’s Moz(art) series to a conclusion in this joyful afternoon concert. The all-Mozart program provides an alternative to traditional holiday classical fare with the master’s larger ensemble works for winds: the Divertimentos Nos. 12 and 14 for oboes, horns and bassoons; and the Gran Partita, widely regarded as his most unparalleled piece of the genre.

Great Artists in the Music Room Moz(art)

Moz(art) is a three-part fall series exploring Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s more intimate and collaborative music through a beautiful selection of chamber and vocal works. The most enduringly loved composer of the Classical era, Mozart created pinnacles of the repertoire in every genre that he touched. His genius, his vision, and his prolific body of work have had a profound influence on subsequent Western art music. Featured artists are The Kuss Quartet, Caramoor Virtuosi, and The Orchestra of St. Luke’s.

About the Orchestra of St. Luke’s

Now entering its 36th year, Or?chestra of St. Luke’s is a unique musical organization with a commitment to engaging audiences throughout New York City and beyond. Known as America’s foremost and most versatile chamber orchestra, St. Luke’s currently performs approximately 75 orchestral, chamber, and educational concerts each year. St. Luke’s performs an annual Orchestra series presented by Carnegie Hall and presents its Chamber Music Series at three distinguished venues in and around New York: The Morgan Library & Museum, Brooklyn Museum, and Dia:Beacon. The Orchestra of St. Luke’s has been in residence at the Caramoor International Music Festival for over 30 years. In addition to its own series, the Orchestra performs regularly with the world’s great artists on the world’s greatest stages, including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and engages each year in a number of artistic collaborations that include dance, opera, and special events with such artists as Ren?e Fleming, Yo-Yo Ma, Jessye Norman, Anna Netrebko, Mark Morris Dance Group, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Elton John, and many more. Committed to the community, St. Luke’s also produces free concerts in each of the five boroughs, and over the last 34 years its Arts Education program has served more than one million children through a combination of free performances and school partnerships. St. Luke’s stellar discography, numbering more than 70 recordings, includes four acclaimed releases on its own label, St. Luke’s Collection, and four Grammy Award-winning discs. For Orchestra of St. Luke’s calendar of events, tickets, and more information, visit:

About Caramoor

Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts a performing arts center located on a unique 90-acre setting of Italianate architecture and gardens in Westchester County, NY enriches the lives of its audiences through innovative and diverse musical performances of the highest quality. Its mission includes mentoring young professional musicians and providing educational programs for young children centered around music. The historic Rosen House, built in the 1930′s, and its Music Room are “the heart of Caramoor”; upon its completion in 1939, Caramoor founders Walter and Lucie Rosen began to present private concerts in the Music Room, and today it is used for all ‘Caramoor Indoors’ concerts and arts-in-education programs. For more information, visit

Tickets: Individual tickets: $40.00. To purchase tickets, call the Caramoor Box Office at 914.232.1252, or visit One of seven Great Artists in the Music Room programs featured during the 2010-11 Indoors season, Caramoor also offers the following Subscription Series pricing packages:

Septet (all 7 concerts) $217.00 (SAVE 22.5%)

Sextet (any 6 concerts) $192.00 (SAVE 20%)

Quintet (any 5 concerts) $165.00 (SAVE 17.5 %)

Quartet (any 4 concerts) $136.00 (SAVE 15%)

Trio (any 3 concerts) $105.00 (SAVE 12.5%)

For Press Tickets: Contact Whitney Holden, Cohn Dutcher Associates | 917.339.7188 |  




SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2010, 4:00 P.M.


Orchestra of St. Luke’s

MOZART    Divertimento No. 12 for 2 oboes, 2 bassoons and 2 horns in E-flat Major, K. 252 (K.240a)

MOZART    Divertimento No. 14 for 2 oboes, 2 horns and 2 bassoons in B-flat Major, K. 270

MOZART    Serenade No. 10 for winds in B-flat Major, K. 361/370a (Gran Partita)



This performance is made possible, in part,

by ArtsWestchester with funds from Westchester County Government

This performance is made possible with public funds from

the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency

The Fall 2010 Indoors season is made possible, in part, through generous funding from

Floy and Amos Kaminski.

# # #

With its outstanding summer music festival & indoors concerts, arts-in-education programming and beautiful grounds, Caramoor is a cornerstone of the cultural life of Westchester County, NY.

Kobe Bryant Promotes Blacks Ops Jeep Wrangler For Season-Opener

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– For the season-opener of the LA Lakers basketball game, Kobe Bryant rolls up in the all-new 2011 Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty: Blacks Ops. We new this Jeep was out of this world, and we are guessing Kobe Bryant thinks that as well!

Last night, before the game against the Houston Rockets began, Bryant arrived at the staples center in the Jeep. As one of the biggest names in sports of all times, Bryant is sure going to help promote this off-roading king special edition Jeep.

The 2011 Jeep Wrangler Black Ops Edition will hit our dealership next month and will be priced from $30,625 for the two-door model and $33,500 for the four-door Unlimited. We know one thing is for sure, this is going to be one premier Jeep Wrangler and we, here at Lawton Chrysler Jeep Dodge, can’t wait for this guy to be on our lot.

Well one thing is for sure, Jeep sure is getting promoted with one of the biggest celebs of basketball, Kobe Bryant. If you are interested in owning the Black Ops Special Edition Wrangler, stop by Lawton Chrysler Jeep Dodge late November.

# # #

Lawton Chrysler Jeep Dodge is located in Lawton Oklahoma, near Fort Sill, sells new and used Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge.

For a large selection of new and used Chrysler, Jeep, Ram and Dodge cars in the Lawton / Fort Sill area, visit our dealership today.

Listening Area Expanded For Chicago’s “Stocks And Jocks” Show

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– CHICAGO — Beginning October 26th the financial radio show “Stocks and Jocks”, hosted by Tom “The Chief” Haugh, and Jon “Dr. J” Najarian will be carried on 1470AM WCFJ Chicago Heights from 5:30am 7:00am weekday mornings, in tandem to the show’s current station, 1240AM WSBC Chicago. “Stocks and Jocks” shows stream live and are archived at Show podcasts are also available for free on iTunes.

This show combines the market insight of Louis Rukeyser with the humor of Seinfeld, offering blatantly honest stock market advice and a splash of sports. “The Chief” and “Dr. J” co-hosted an investment program of the same name on CBS-owned WSCR sports radio station (670AM) from 2002 to 2008.

   Tom “The Chief” Haugh is the founder and principal money manager of PTI Securities & Futures LP, a money management and discount brokerage firm, noted for the successful Protected Index Program?.  Haugh, who studied under Nobel Laureates Milton Friedman and George Stigler at the University of Chicago, is recognized for his extensive investment knowledge and quick wit, and is often quoted by Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and other major financial news media. In addition to hosting in-office Protected Index Program? seminars, Haugh also reaches the investment community through weekly financial blog posts on “DOLLAR$ and SEN$E” at

Following a brief stint as a Chicago Bears linebacker, Jon Najarian launched his decades-long financial career at the Chicago Board Options Exchange where his call letters were ‘DRJ’. Najarian is a professional investor, noted media analyst, speaker and co-founder of tradeMONSTER?. He has developed and patented trading applications used to identify unusual market activity. Najarian’s analysis is cited by leading financial media including the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, FOX News Channel, CBS Radio, and CNBC. He is a CNBC contributor, hosts a CBS Radio show, and webcasts daily on CBOE-TV.

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We are a superior money management, securities and discount brokerage serving all levels of investors and traders. Our friendly, experienced brokers are immediately available to take your call, provide counsel and place your trade.

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