Thousands Throughout United States Swarm To Theaters For New Harry Potter Film

It was a scene that was all to popular, at more movie theaters than one can count. In places like Bibb County, Georgia over 2,000 fans stood in line for hours upon hours to get their chance to see the midnight screening of what expects to be one of the Holiday season’s biggest movie. The [...]

Internet Giant Google Now Enters Fashion Market

As if Google didn’t already have enough to party about, their party continues. On Wednesday night technology giant celebrated their newest market entry, This site will establish their presence in the high fashion world online. Munjal Shah of Google had the following to say about the entry and the site launch - “Fashion is [...]

LSI Corporation Expands Market Becoming Part Of World Supercomputer

LSI Corporation announced that they have implemented the LSI™ Engenio® storage system technology into the world’s sixth fastest supercomputer which is possessed by the French Atomic Energy Commission in their Military Applications Division. The computer processes at an astonishing 1.25 petaflops, which to many normal, everyday PC users is something not even fathomable. The installation [...]

Leawo MKV Converter Provides New Way To Convert MKV to Video

– Shenzhen PR Newswire - October 26, 2010 - Leawo Software is a professional provider of DVD and video converting software, which has improved its MKV converter. Leawo MKV Converter is a powerful MKV converter that provides the best way to convert MKV to almost all SD and HD videos, especially convert MKV to iPhone, [...]

New Book ‘Divine Despots’ by Brian Spencer Hits The Market

– Despite their doctrinal differences, the overwhelming majority of the various Christian denominations - be they Catholic, Protestant or a variation on a theme - have a common form of government. They all have hierarchical structures atop of which is an “executive” consisting of a small group of senior (men only) clergy. It is this [...]

Rapper Ne-Yo Welcomes Daughter Into World

Ne-Yo is planning the release of his newest album, his 4th, titled Libra Scale, in a week but has recently had a much bigger, more important event to celebrate. Ne-Yo and girlfriend Monyetta Shaw have welcomed a new life to this earth in the form of their baby daughter, Madilyn Grace Smith. Madilyn Grace was [...]

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