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– Download Whip My Hair Ringtone by Willow to your cell phone fast and easy. Whip My Hair Ringtone is currently the hottest mobile ringtone download in the United States. Get the ringtone by Willow Today!

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Whip My Hair is the latest single by Willow. The song is receiving tons of radio airplay and the most popular downloads on iTunes. Whip My Hair is rising up music charts all over the world, including the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Whip My Hair is the perfect choice for your next cell phone ringtone. Don’t wait download the Whip My Hair Ringtone by Willow!

“Whip My Hair” is a song by Willow Smith. Smith wrote the lyrics while rookie producer Jukebox handled the music. The song serves as her debut single from her yet-to-be-titled debut release. While attending events, Smith received media attention for her extravagant outfits compared to Rihanna, whom she later credited as a musical influence. Coincidentally leaked on the same day as Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World)”, the song set media outlets abuzz, being covered by Time, Billboard, and CNN the day of its release. Initial reception praised the song’s kid-friendly, yet universal appeal, while dubbing Smith “baby Rihanna.”

How To Get The Best IPod Touch Downloads

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– Are you interested to have the best iPod Touch downloads in the market today? If you do, then you need to know that there are a lot of ways so that you can do so. And this can also be a good treat especially if you are the type of person who is into various game, music, and film applications. With your Apple gadget, you can certainly enjoy these things wherever you may go.

If you want to have the various iPod Touch downloads, you will usually only need to go to an online store such as iTunes. With these sites, you will only need to type the kinds of applications that you want as well as the particular item that you like. You will be given with a list of items that you can choose from and you just need to pick what you like best.

Then, you will be prompted to fill out the payment details so that you can already have these iPod Touch downloads. Usually, you will only need to pay about 0.99 dollars for music files but game programs are more expensive as they can be purchased for about 15 dollars. If you want, you can also look for a membership site if you want to save more.

For more details and a preview look here:


These sites are actually much better because you know the files that you are accessing already have the right format. And this is very important because you are assured that they will really work with your Apple gadget. Some sites will still require you to use another software piece so that you can convert the format and this is very inconvenient.

You can also expect that these kinds of sites are very comprehensive. Their music databases are always updated with the latest songs and you can also access the most popular videos and films.

Actually, you can also have an option to just access a free site. This is actually a very practical option since you will no longer have to worry about any fees. But this is really not recommended since some of these are ineffective.

If you want to have the best iPod Touch downloads, you also need to be certain that they came from the Apple team. Some programmers create their own products and they really do not have good quality.

If you want to take advantage of the full features of your Apple gadget, you should learn how to access the best iPod Touch downloads.

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Online Retailer Brings Much-Needed Levity to National Tax Debate

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– Vancouver, WA As both national and statewide debates rage over whether to repeal President Bush’s tax cuts, online entrepreneur Adam Stites has found a way to help tax opponents vent their frustration: a roll of toilet paper printed with the IRS 1040 form.

Stites will appear on the CBS news show “60 Minutes” on Sunday, Oct. 31, at 7 p.m. ET/PT to discuss the detrimental effect a tax increase would have on businesses like his burgeoning company iStores, an online retailer of niche products including political toilet paper, gag gifts, paintball gear and funny t shirts.

The TV segment examines Washington State’s proposed income tax, on the Nov. 2 ballot as I-1098, which will knock Washington off the meager list of seven states that don’t tax personal income. The tax initiative is so controversial it prompted Texas Governor Rick Perry to send a letter to 90 Northwest businesses inviting them to move to Texas, The Seattle Times reported.

During the “60 Minutes” interview, Stites explains to CBS reporter Lesley Stahl how the income tax will hamper the growth of Vancouver-based iStores and other businesses like it. He also shows off some of his company’s more unusual products, such as a fish training kit and a wallet that looks like it’s made out of bacon.

While countless other businesses have struggled their way through the economic recession, iStores has managed to pull off five consecutive years of revenue growth through its sales of niche products and novelty items.

“iStores has seen impressive growth over the past five years, despite the poor economy, but I-1098 has the potential to knock us and other companies like us off our feet by removing working capital from the business,” Stites said. He added, “When customers buy one of our bacon wallets, they’re secretly hoping to have money to put in it. They don’t want to see their income drain away like so much bacon grease.”

About iStores

iStores, Inc. is an online niche retailer comprised of several e-commerce websites. Divisions of iStores include:

- www.PrankPlace.com, which sells pranks, gag gifts, funny t shirts, Halloween costumes and bumper stickers.

- www.OurDesigns.com, a retailer of firefighter gifts, including firefighter artwork, t shirts, badges, decals and home d?cor items.

- www.Paintball-Online.com, an online store for paintball guns, goggles, action wear and other paintball equipment.

- www.DrinkingStuff.com, which sells bar supplies, drinking games, flasks, pint glasses and other drinking-related novelties.

For more information, visit www.istoresinc.com.


Adam Stites

iStores, Inc.

Phone: 360.567.2520 ext. 227

Email: adam@istoresinc.com


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iStores, Inc. is an online niche retailer comprised of several e-commerce websites, including PrankPlace.com, Paintball-Online.com, DrinkingStuff.com and OurDesigns.com.

Silly Animals - A Read-to-Me Bedtime Book of Poetry

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– Colorful, playful and full of whimsy, Silly Animals is a read-to-me bedtime book based on human sayings acted out by animals! What do children envision when they hear phrases like, “pigeon-toed,” “when pigs fly,” or “monkey shines?” Ever wonder if that’s really the “cat’s pajamas?” Now you and your little ones can take a look inside and find out!

What began as a collection of poems for Christine Odom’s children developed into this book of short, rhyming fanciful poetry inspired by her granddaughter, Sammy.

Silly Animals (ISBN: 978-1-60976-375-6) will be available October 25, 2010, for $12.50 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website:

http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/SillyAnima …

or at www.amazon.com or http://search.barnesandnoble.com.

Wholesalers please email BookOrder@AEG-Online-Store.com.

About the Author:

Christine Odom grew up in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio, and now lives in Medina County with her husband, Kenneth, five cats and a dog. She has two happily married daughters and one granddaughter, Samantha, living in California.

Strategic Book Group

P.O. Box 333 Durham, CT 06422

http://www.StrategicBookPublishing.com  -  http://www.EloquentBooks.com - http://www.StrategicBookMarketing.com


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Strategic Book Group specializes in promoting the works of new and previously undiscovered writers. We make books available to bookstores and Internet distributors throughout the United States and Europe. SBG is aggressively seeking new talent.

Even Bigger Deals to Be Had on SpaceAntiques.com!

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– This Friday, October 29th, the most respected and innovative penny auction site, SpaceAntiques.com, will be featured on PennyAuctionCoupon, from Midnight to Midnight! They will be promoting a fabulous coupon of 50 bids, regularly priced at $38.50, discounted?at $15, for a savings of 61%! Combine the savings of 61% from PennyAuctionCoupon, and the usual savings of up to 99% on SpaceAntiques, and you’ve got yourself a real bargain!

Exciting and desirable items such as iPad’s, Laptops, Cameras, and gift cards to popular stores are featured every day on SpaceAntiques.com. They also feature exciting and cutting-edge auction formats, such as their Newbie Auctions, Revenge Auctions, Charity Auctions, and more! Visit SpaceAntiques for more details. SpaceAntiques is a Verified Penny Auction, so you can bid with confidence! They are open in Canada and the United States, and they offer Customer Support in French and English.

SpaceAntiques is currently running a promotion that offers a free $25 Amazon gift card when you buy 100 or more bids in one day. In celebration of being featured on PennyAuctionCoupon on October 29th, if a bidder also buys a 50 Bid Pack at regular price, they will get a $25 Amazon gift card for free. That’s an awesome deal! For more details on these bargains, please see the blog at SpaceAntiques.com.

Apex Review Of Other Likely Stories (Debra Leigh Scott)

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Nov 06, 2010 – Other Likely Stories

Debra Leigh Scott

ISBN: 9780984472710

Sowilo Press

Reviewed By Karynda Lewis

Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5 Stars

The 60′s and 70′s brought about an era of cultural and political upheaval the likes of which the United States had not seen since the Civil War, and throughout the pages of Other Likely Stories, the tumultuous decades serve as a fitting backdrop for the tortuous lives of sisters Rachael and Valory, and their cousin, Marlena. Through a series of deftly inter-related short stories, author Debra Leigh Scott presents the reader with the compelling saga of the young women’s upbringing, as they find themselves enthralled in everything from abuse to incest to the throes of familial mental illness. No matter how dark their days, though, the brave survivors never abandon the hope that the light of peace and salvation will ultimately shine their way.

What sets Other Likely Stories apart from similar collections is the pulsing humanity Scott infuses into each of her characters. More than just two-dimensional caricatures ambling their way through predictable situations, Rachael, Valory, and Marlena are living, breathing souls with a palpable energy that leaps off the page. With taut, tense storylines, Scott has succeeded in crafting a truly engrossing human interest tale sure to hold the reader at rapt attention as the twisted narrative of the girl’s convoluted lives unfolds. Touching on dark, disturbing truths, as well as highlighting the importance of never abandoning hope, Other Likely Stories is a truly heartrending read. An inspiring, uplifting testament to the strength and resiliency of the human spirit.

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Apex Reviews is a seasoned team of authors and editors with a combined total of over 75 years’ experience in the publishing industry. Our reviews have been cited in various media across the globe, garnering accolades from editors, agents, and booksellers.

Use of RFID to enhance the patient experience, increase safety and eliminate treatment errors

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– XECAN, an innovative RFID healthcare solution provider, today announced that it is making available its white paper, “”. Co-authored by Bin Yang of XECAN and Per Halvorsen of Alliance Oncology, the paper discusses the key patient safety issues of radiation oncology and how Alliance Oncology addresses these issues by teaming with XECAN to resolve them through XECAN’s RFID Oncology Solution.  ”We are very excited to release this white paper describing the successful deployment of RFID technology in an oncology setting,” said Bin Yang, Chief Executive Officer of XECAN. “The technology offers a level of patient and experience never seen before in the industry.”

Topics covered in the white paper include:

*   XECAN RFID-enabled oncology EMR at Alliance

*   What is Unique about the XECAN RFID Oncology Solution?

*   Benefits of RFID versus Barcode   

*   Eliminate Wrong Patient Errors

*   Eliminate Wrong Treatment Errors   

*   Improve Clinic Experience

*   Increase Operational Efficiency

If you would like to download a copy of the white paper, please visit: http://www.xecan.com/online/docs/Oncology_RFID_WP.pdf

# # #

XECAN is a Boston-based RFID technology company. Its RFID web portal has been successfully deployed in several healthcare and supply chain businesses prior to its work with Alliance Oncology. XECAN’s core team of MIT-trained engineers has many years of experience in the enterprise software industry, where it learned of the pain felt by businesses that lacked an easily integrable and versatile enterprise solution. Plug-and-play and wedge integration technology pioneered by XECAN enables organizations to simply connect readers to the Internet, and immediately begin managing them and the business data they generate from any web browser. For more information, please visit http://www.xecan.com.

DreamWorks SKG - SWOT Analysis - Market Research Report On Aarkstore Enterprise

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– This DreamWorks SKG - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information. DreamWorks SKG - SWOT Analysis examines the company’s key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy.

DreamWorks SKG (DreamWorks or ‘the company’) is primarily engaged in the production of films and television programming. The company primarily operates in the US but has international operations in the UK and Canada. It is headquartered in Glendale, California. DreamWorks is a private company and it is not obliged to disclose the financial information

Scope of the Report

- Provides all the crucial information on DreamWorks SKG required for business and competitor intelligence needs

- Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting DreamWorks SKG in the form of a SWOT analysis as well as a breakdown and examination of leading product revenue streams of DreamWorks SKG

-Data is supplemented with details on DreamWorks SKG history, key executives, business description, locations and subsidiaries as well as a list of products and services and the latest available statement from DreamWorks SKG

Reasons to Purchase

- Support sales activities by understanding your customers’ businesses better

- Qualify prospective partners and suppliers

- Keep fully up to date on your competitors’ business structure, strategy and prospects

- Obtain the most up to date company information available


Table of Contents :


Key Facts: DreamWorks SKG

Company Overview: DreamWorks SKG

Business Description: DreamWorks SKG

Company History: DreamWorks SKG

Key Employees: DreamWorks SKG

Key Employee Biographies: DreamWorks SKG

Products & Services Listing: DreamWorks SKG

Products & Services Analysis: DreamWorks SKG

SWOT analysis: DreamWorks SKG

*Strengths: DreamWorks SKG

*Weaknesses: DreamWorks SKG

*Opportunities: DreamWorks SKG

*Threats: DreamWorks SKG

Company View: DreamWorks SKG

Top Competitors: DreamWorks SKG

Location and Subsidiary: DreamWorks SKG

*Head Office: DreamWorks SKG

*Other Locations and Subsidiaries: DreamWorks SKG

For more information please visit :

http://www.aarkstore.com/reports/DreamWorks-SKG-SWOT-Ana …

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Aarkstore Enterprise specialize in providing online market business information on market research reports, books, magazines, conference booking at competitive prices, and strive to provide excellent and innovative service to our customers.

Award Winning London Vodka Bars

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– Revolution in the City is your prime destination for award winning bars and restaurants in the heart of London.  Part of the world’s largest group of vodka bars; as you would expect, while they specialise in vodka and cocktails, they also stock a wide selection of premium wines, beers and spirits.

Couple your vodka cocktails and premium experience with top-notch contemporary casual dining and a legendary 15-minute promise that makes your trip one of a kind.  Stop by for breakfast at 8am or live the nightlife in style at the ‘epicentre of good times.’  The extensive menu offers something to suit every taste, so plan your trip now by reserving a table online.

Revolution in the City’s bars are designed in the spirit of good times, making them the perfect venue for parties and events or a night out on the town.  Choose from award winning London locations like Revolution America Square in Tower Hill, Revolution Leadenhall on Leadenhall Street or from over 60 vodka cocktail bars across the country.  

Celebrate your birthday, Christmas, hen, stag or corporate party at any of these great locations for a guaranteed good time.  If you are searching for somewhere to hold a special event, use the availability checker to find a list of suitable locations.  Coordinate your party online with easy booking forms to select a bar, view food menus, pre-order your drinks and make the reservation.  In fact, ordering your food and drinks ahead of time via Revolution in the City’s website will save you money, not just time.  Celebrate any and every occasion without spending a fortune or sacrificing quality service, a fantastic atmosphere, delicious food or a great night out.

Christmas parties are another specialty of Revolution in the City bars, with special menus available for your festivities.  Start planning for the holidays now by visiting the website to select a menu, choose a date, pre-order drinks and make the reservation for a special party at a special time of year.

At Revolution bars and restaurants, quality and hospitality are at the top of the priority list.  From the atmosphere of the bar to the hostess’s smile, you will get the full experience from Revolution in the City.  This formula has earned the chain national recognition and multiple awards throughout its fourteen-year history.

Paul Anka warns the new generation.

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– The former teen idol Paul Anka wants to have a say about the new generation teen idol, especially when media compared him to the new icon, Justin Bieber. If the public sees a resemblance between the two singers, to Mr. Anka, there is no resemblance at all…

When Usher first showed his dance moves, people would compare him to the late Michael Jackson. Then Celine Dion arrived and was considered as the white “Whitney Houston”… now Justin Bieber is admired by millions of fans and everyone sees him as a new Paul Anka. The 69 year old singer stays current but laughed over those recent comparisons and has his opinion on the matter. Indeed, he doesn’t guarantee a long lasting career to the Usher prot?g?. Having been an entertainer for years, Anka knows how to separate an artist who will be a fading wonder from an artist who’s built for a long and promising career. According to him, a career shouldn’t be just a one-moment phenomenon but rather a brand that would survive through ages and generations. He fears for Justin Bieber a career that will soon dwindle much like the former teen idol Donny Osmond. We feel however that Justin has what it takes to last. He possess the stage confidence and has the hip-hop moves that have captured the hearts of his fans. He also has a team who manage his image, and finally he is connected to his fans daily through social networks, further becoming a part of their lives. These factors have made Justin Bieber one of the biggest headline lines attractions of 2010. But Paul Anka repeats again: ” Popularity is a goal and Longevity, its secret “.

Similarly he’s pointing at the Lady Gaga’s mania, but never felt attracted to her style. “I listen to Lady Gaga lyrics, what the hell happened, the lyrics make no goddamed sense. All she does is talk about sex, but the lyrics sound like they’re written by a 10 year old.” Paul Anka belongs to another generation and his reluctance towards Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga is understandable but hopefully his advice didn’t fall on deaf ears. Well Mr. Bieber, Miss Gaga, remember you’ve been warned, don’t let the sudden fame fool you, play with it and make it last.

If you are someone who sings to Justin Bieber in your room, a fan who keeps humming the “Alejandro” melody or a nostalgic ex-groupie of Paul Anka, don’t wait for the last call to get your seats, check out the website charged.fm:

To see Paul Anka http://www.charged.fm/product/search/7ef9d3d7b5be4ed14a7 …

Lady Gaga http://www.charged.fm/performer/item/3671/lady-gaga

Or Justin Bieber http://www.charged.fm/performer/item/4185/justin-bieber.

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The latest scoop on sports, music, concerts and celebrities. We watch all the trends in the entertainment world and report them to you. People, places and events all at the click of your mouse! Any and everything entertainment. That’s Us!

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