Khojguru makes lives exciting

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Nov 04, 2010 – An arrangement of favourite posters can add personality and warmth to any room. But a large unused wall makes a room unexciting. And to bring that excitement to your room, one of India’s leading online discount players, has come up with a discount coupon that gets you 75% Off on 14×22 inch (newspaper’s front page size) photograph poster worth Rs. 145 from is an online gifting portal where one can find unique & unconventional gift ideas. This website lists a number of options, each of which offers a multiple choice of gifts for as low as Rs 100 or gift experiences that begin at Rs 20,000. The wide variety of gifts includes spa treatments, balloon rides, F1 car drive, stretch limo ride and much more. You can click on the gift selector, fill in your criteria and get that gift. is a unique Delhi based startup that provides exclusive discount coupons from hundreds of brands and retailers to bring benefits to the shoppers. You can find attractive deals from restaurants, saloons, electronics, movies, books and much more. The website also provides up to date information on sales and offers happening at any brand. All this is coupled with detailed information for every outlet. These discounts can be easily downloaded as an SMS on to the mobile phone or in some cases a print out is required. The user then needs to show this SMS coupon or print-out coupon at the outlet to avail the offer. Coupons for online stores are promotion codes which can be entered at the time of making a purchase.

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Khojguru is an online discount coupon website that is localized for major cities of India. As of October 2010, Khojguru serves more than 8 cities across India.

For more details please visit:

DiCi Productions to announce 3 new divisions.

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– Cork, Ireland.

We will soon announce the launch of 3 distinctive divisions:

DiCi Productions | Arts

DiCi Productions | Music

DiCi Productions | Fashion & Lifestyle

All under the umbrella of DiCi Productions Entertainment.

Denis Carre, founder of DiCi Productions, said: “This is a very exciting time. These changes will allow us to focus better on the career development of each of our artists. This is also a major step forward for us to position ourselves in the entertainment world as a global player and this gives us the opportunity to communicate the right message to the right audience in a more efficient and effective way”.

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DiCi Productions is an artistic management, promotion and production company providing artists with this extra help when starting their artistic career.

God’s Mail to Mankind by Postman Anil K Bali-Now Available

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– “God is one - one God is not only for one nation or for one religion, neither for one country, but one GOD for the whole universe.” “In this era of division, all have created their own gods. Humans still believe in one God but they have created their own gods for their groups (religions). Islam is a well known group (religion) and Muslims have created their own Islamic Allah for themselves, which is only concern about Muslim group and their beliefs and allow them to fight with non Muslims. The god of Christians cares only for Christians. Christian priests preach in churches that ISSA is the only way to heaven, and on judgement day non-Christians will be treated like animals and Christian god will never allow non-Christians into heaven. Hebrew god has chosen one nation known as Jewish, and their god allows them to kill non Jews.” “The kingdom of heaven is not like India, where a majority of Hindus live. The kingdom of heaven is not like Saudi Arabia, where only Muslims live. The kingdom of heaven is not like Israel, where only Jews live. And the kingdom of heaven is not like Italy, where only Christians live. The kingdom of heaven is more like London, where people from every nation live and have equal rights.”

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Raider Publishing International is a publishing company based in New York City, London and Cape Town. With authors in over eighty different countries worldwide, Raider Publishing International is an award winning organization with bestsellers on four different continents. For more information about God’s Mail to Mankind, Anil K Bali, or Raider Publishing International, please contact the address below. The author and publisher are currently available for interviews and a free review copy of God’s Mail to Mankind is available by request to all members of the credited media.

Nick Vujicic Shares his Life Story on "Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet" Radio Program

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– “Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet”  radio program interviews, Nick Vujicic today to talk about his Extraordianry Life of living without limbs.  He also spoke about his new book to hit the shelves on October 26, 2010 titled Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life, “Life Without Limits.”

You can pre-order his book now at

KMR-Media will be releasing the on-air interview with Nick Vujicic on the

Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet podcast.  KMR will also be broadcasting the program on blogtalkradio as well.  Just look for “Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet.  The audio will be released on October 30, 2010.

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KMR-Media is the radio network that broadcasts radio program “Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet.” As a company we plan to grow and develope more essential programming for you the listener to help you become more educated about the world around us.

A new jewellery website with celebrity inspired pieces without the huge price tag

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– Contact: Emma Heath

Email address:

Web address:

New Jewellery website will help you sparkle

London, 19th September 2010

On Sunday the 19th of September a brand new costume and fashion jewellery website launched called MySparkles. Selling the best and most trend setting jewellery on the planet, the site aims to make ordinary girls, ‘fashionistas’ for the lowest possible price.

Never before has a site sold such stunning jewellery at low prices. has made the most amazing fashion jewellery available to the masses. Just as Martin Luther King had a dream, Emma Heath is the world’s new visionary, intent on improving the lives of girls all around the world with the best jewellery on the market. The celebrity inspired theme aims to give girls the choice of looking like a celebrity without the huge price tag.

The site can cater for every occasion. From vintage, to bridal and all those fun nights in-between as well as the pieces ready to wear day pieces. With items ranging from Necklaces through to earrings, there has never been a better time to buy.

ACT Staffs Up with Industry Veterans as a Result of Continued Growth

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– Lakewood, Colo., - Oct. 27, 2010 - As a result of its continued focus on growth and account management, ACT Conferencing has expanded its U.S. employee base with the addition of four sales and business development executives, each with several years of experience in the conferencing industry. Bob Marone and Jeff Smith have been appointed global sales executives, Guy Ventoliere has been named global account manager, and Barbara Huarte now oversees the east coast region as the new business development manager.

“These four individuals bring with them proven track records specific to the conferencing industry and they are extremely talented, well-rounded professionals,” said Marina Bogard, chief sales and marketing officer, ACT Conferencing. “Bob, Jeff, Guy and Barbara are already seen as key contributors to our business and we are excited to have them on board.”

Marone joined ACT from Easylink Services International where he served as a major accounts manager. Prior to that, Marone was a global accounts sales manager for Premiere Global Services, Inc.  Smith also worked for Premiere Global Services where he served as a global account manager, and before that, he was the director of sales e-marketing. Prior to that, Smith served as the director of national accounts for Genesys Conferencing.

In addition, Ventoliere, a new global account manager, previously served as the director of sales for Staging Techniques and before that he was a key account manager for Genesys Conferencing. And, now overseeing east coast business development, Huarte joined ACT from Global Crossing where she worked as the east coast manager of business development. Prior to that, she was a business solutions specialist for Premiere Global Services.

“Having spent 20 years in this industry, I have seen many changes in terms of services, features and pricing, but one key factor that determines success remains constant customer service,” said Huarte. “ACT is 100 percent focused on its customers by providing them with the highest quality services and around the clock support. This approach to business makes it possible for all of us to be successful. I’m thrilled to be part of this organization.”

Cautionary Statements

Statements made in this news release that are not historical facts, such as those discussing future plans and management’s beliefs, are forward-looking statements. Actual results may differ materially from those projected in any forward-looking statement. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated by any forward-looking information include, but are not limited to, future economic conditions, competitive services and pricing, new competitor entry, availability of financing, the delivery of services under existing contracts and other factors. Such statements are based on management’s current expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections about our industry and business and include statements about markets for our products and services, and development and expansion of products.  ACT does not expect and disclaims any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

# # #

About ACT Conferencing

Established in 1989, ACT Conferencing is a global provider of corporate audio, web and video collaboration services. ACT’s integrated platforms provide managed, international and local-language services. The company is headquartered in Golden, Colorado, with operations in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore and the UK. For more information, visit

The Second Venice ( Venezia Due ) - A Humorous Masterpiece

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– A remarkable humorous fantasy, “THE SECOND VENICE”  by the new popular author Askin Ozcan is getting more and more applause worldwide with its unique humor.

The plot is a “Second Venice” and the life in it. This absurd city is a replica of the real Venice, built by the consortium of McBigBite and Pshht Cola, beside the real Venice after the Italian Government puts a limit on the number of tourists allowed to visit the real Venice, for the city’s protection from destruction and pollution.

ISBN 1598000888 (Outskirts Press)  - 154 pages Available at 200 internet bookshops incl. and on all amazons, , ,, , , ,  and at 25.000 bookstores upon giving its ISBN .

The book has become Nr.1 at Italy Magazine (U.K.) among the top rated books, surpassing

Juvenal’s “Satires” and is accepted by La Biennale di Venezia Architectural Exhibition.

It has been reviewed by Writer’s Digest with a remark as “This humorous book does not give a chance to the reader to be bored”. It causes the reader to burst into laughter from the first page to the last and is a candidate to be a best seller in humor.

The following press-releases give a good account about THE SECOND VENICE :

Wholesale distribution by    

and the publisher   (with 50% discount. please check with )

Askin Ozcan is author of six published books in different genres.

Author’s web-page :

and also writes regularly for , ,

Fetchtv: the future of TV now available to all iiNet customers

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– iiNet launches fetchtv1, a streamlined version of FetchTV available to all customers

$99 set-up fee removed for new FetchTV subscriptions

Australia’s largest broadband competitor, iiNet, today launched fetchtv 1, a streamlined version of FetchTV that is available to all iiNet broadband customers, regardless of broadband speed.

Like iiNet’s market-leading fetchtv 2 service, fetchtv 1 customers get access to the latest release movies from the most comprehensive selection of major Hollywood studios in Australia, access to all local digital free to air channels, and an IPTV set top box with one terabyte of storage.

“iiNet fetchtv 1 means all our customers can now access movies on demand and quota-free. Coupled with Fetchtv’s state-of-the-art set top box, we think this makes compelling value for only $14.95 a month,” said iiNet’s Chief Technology Officer, Greg Bader.

“With three digital tuners and one terabyte of storage, not only is it possible to record two free-to-air TV channels while watching a third, there’s enough memory to store hours of your favourite shows.”

iiNet fetchtv 1 customers can access the MoviePlex service, which has a huge array of the latest releases and library movies from the major Hollywood and independent studios.

“Movieplex brings the video store to your lounge room, with the added bonus that you get to keep new releases for 48 hours. You can pause, rewind, fast forward, even stop and come back to it later. It’s completely up to you. Best of all you’ll never pay late fees again,” said Bader.

To coincide with the launch of iiNet fetchtv 1, iiNet has waived the $99 set up fee for all new fetchtv subscriptions. For a monthly subscription of $14.95 (fetchtv1), or $29.95 (fetchtv2) iiNet customers can join the home entertainment revolution.

More information about iiNet’s fetchtv is available at  

For further information, please contact:

Anthony Fisk Communications Manager, iiNet

+61 8 6252 4471 or

About FetchTV

FetchTV is an Australian founded and owned business, with backing from the Malaysian based ASTRO ALL ASIA NETWORKS subscription TV group.

FetchTV is a wholesale subscription TV provider to leading Australian ISPs. The fetchtv service is unique in that it provides access to digital free-to-air channels, subscription channels, video on-demand and interactive content via an unmetered broadband connection, to the TV in SD and HD quality, instantly with no downloading delays.

# # #

iiNet is Australia’s second largest DSL Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the leading challenger in the telecommunications market. We employ more than 1800 inquisitive staff across four countries and support over 1.3 million broadband, telephony and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) services nationwide.

Download Jennifer Lopez Songs - Effective Tips

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– If you are into dance music, then you would surely love to learn how to download Jennifer Lopez songs. This Latina has a huge number of hits under her belt and it includes If You Had My Love. Let’s Get Loud, Play, Brave, I’m Real, and Do It Well. And since they are seldom being played over the radio, it is a good idea if you will fill your player with these tunes.

If you know how to download Jennifer Lopez songs, you will no longer have to purchase the physical CDs in the record stores. And consequently, you will also no longer need to break your bank for these purchases. And since your player is portable, you can certainly listen to her singles wherever you may go.

In order for you to download Jennifer Lopez songs, your very first option is to rip the CDs that you may have already purchased before. You only need to rip its content and save them through your personal computer. Then, you will just need to transfer them through your gadget. This is very practical because you no longer need to worry about any fees.

For more details and a preview look here:

But if you want a more convenient approach, then it is much better if you will just do it online. You just need to look for a site that can offer you these kinds of services. Usually, you only need to type the title of the track and copy the files that will be presented to you. This is definitely very simple and you should try it out.

The only problem is that these kinds of sites are usually fee-based. But even if this is the aces, this is really not a big problem since the fees are very nominal. Usually, you only need to pay about 0.99 dollars per track. You can also have an option to pay about 40 dollars if you want to become a member.

Actually, you can also have an option to use these sites for free. However, this is really not recommended since a lot of free portals are also ineffective.

If you want to effectively download Jennifer Lopez songs, you need to make sure that they have the right format. They have to be compatible so that they will really work properly.

If you want to listen to cool dance music wherever you go, it is really exciting if you will download Jennifer Lopez songs.

Get your unlimited music downloads - newly released songs and videos for pennies here:

Star Wars The Clone Wars Seasons 1-2 DVD Box Set,AMAZING!!!Star Wars is back and GL is back on form

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– The Plot Summary of Star Wars The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an American animated television series created by Lucasfilm Animation, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore and CGCG Inc. The series debuted on the US-version of Cartoon Network on October 3, 2008. It is set in the fictional Star Wars galaxy, during the same time period as the previous 2003 Star Wars: Clone Wars series. The show itself takes place from 22 BBY to 20 BBY. Each episode has a running time of 22 minutes, to fill a half-hour time slot. Star Wars creator George Lucas says “there will be at least 100 episodes produced.[about five Seasons]“[4] Dave Filoni is the supervising director of the series.Genndy Tartakovsky, director of the first Clone Wars series, is not involved with the production,but character designer Kilian Plunkett referred to the character designs from the 2D series when designing the characters for the 3D series.There is also an online comic, depicting story-snippets between the single episodes.

The first trailer for the series was released on the official Sar Wars website on May 8, 2007. The series was launched with a feature film, which was released in theaters on August 15, 2008. It is one of only four series (along with Stoked, Total Drama Action and 6teen) to be broadcast on the main Cartoon Network (i.e., outside of Toonami or Adult Swim) with a TV-PG rating. Season 2 premiered on October 2, 2009 and ended on April 30, 2010, while the complete first season was released on DVD and Blu-ray November 3, 2009 in the United States. Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been granted a third season, beginning in October 2010.

Find Star Wars The Clone Wars Seasons 1-2 DVD Box Set cheap at …

Customers Reviews

I have been watching this series since it came out, and thank god i taped them as i have watched each episode up to 4 times each now.

Absolutely awesome series! I was sceptical at first, and it started off a little ropey but now i’m hooked. I’m up to episode 6 so far, and every episode has literally gotten better and better and better.

Evry episode that has come out since the movie i have said this is the best episode so far, and thats a good thing! I believe there are meant to be a hundred or more episodes of this show? I hope thats so, and i wish i had them all right now! I would not be seen for weeks.

Anakin is great in this, better than the live action films IMO. And Asoka is pretty cool too, although she got off to a bumpy start.

In fact i only have a few subtle gripes, Droid voices, though i’m getting used to them. A bit short each episode, but at least it leaves me wanting more. Which is good. Lack of John Williams music throughout, and the last episode had drum n bass in it, which was bizarre and unwelcome! But still, these are only minor gripes, and I know the creators are working on making it better for series 2 according to the force-casts, so hopefully if these little gripes get fixed, the show should be perfect.

Oh and as for the 2 reviews on here that are super negative, and say its not for the true fan, well, I AM THE TRUE FAN! And i like it! Sounds like a couple of nay-sayers to me, jumping on the Lucas hate bandwagon. Wouldn’t surprise me if they hadn’t even watched an episode of this show at all. Guess thats the internet for ya.

Anyway, keep em coming! Keep em great! Adjust as necessary and Star Wars will be great once more for the next generation. And the old one.

Find Star Wars The Clone Wars Seasons 1-2 DVD Box Set cheap at …

# # # focus on DVD business for years. We provide large range of DVD Boxsets, TV series and Movies,Blu-rays in competitive price & high quality. Items are brand new and factory sealed. Wholesales & Dropship business cooperation are welcomed.

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