New Book ‘Divine Despots’ by Brian Spencer Hits The Market

Posted under Books by Alison Deloy on Tuesday 16 November 2010 at 3:59 pm

– Despite their doctrinal differences, the overwhelming majority of the various Christian denominations - be they Catholic, Protestant or a variation on a theme - have a common form of government. They all have hierarchical structures atop of which is an “executive” consisting of a small group of senior (men only) clergy. It is this executive grouping which collectively possesses the authority and influence to determine the policy, direction and actions of the denomination which they happen to represent. Effective control is firmly entrenched in the hands of this elect group who form the subject matter of this writing. These are the ones who hold all power; the Spiritual Fathers, the Chosen Elite, the Guardians of the Faith - the Divine Despots. This is a look at their track record. Notwithstanding the machinations of the Divine Despots there are millions of “ordinary” people, Christians, Muslims, Jews and many others of goodwill, who go about their daily life in a god-fearing manner seeking to make this world turn around a little bit better today than it did yesterday. This book is not about them - but it is for them.

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Raider Publishing International is a publishing company based in New York City, London and Cape Town. With authors in over eighty different countries worldwide, Raider Publishing International is an award winning organization with bestsellers on four different continents. For more information about Divine Despots, Brian Spencer, or Raider Publishing International, please contact the address below. The author and publisher are currently available for interviews and a free review copy of Divine Despots is available by request to all members of the credited media.

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