Get to Know Former WWE, ESPN, and Current UFC/GLORY Commentator Todd Grisham

Bristol, CT - June 23, 2012 - Studio F: SportsCenter anchor Todd Grisham on the set. (Photo by Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)

It was announced earlier this year that Todd Grisham signed a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship as an announcer, and the 41-year-old made his official cageside debut at UFC Fight Night:Lewis vs. Browne as he called last Sunday’s show alongside Brian Stann (Todd made his Fox Studio debut at UFC Fight Night Rodriguez vs. Penn).

Yesterday Grisham, a former WWE and ESPN employee, sat down alongside Former GLORY Champ Joseph Valtellini for an AMA (/r/MMA) on Reddit and discussed his UFC announcing debut, his past as a wrestling commentator, the differences between Dana White and Vince McMahon, and talked about what his next assignment will be.

You can catch Grisham on FS1 UFC broadcasts in the future, but we’ll get right to the highlights of the AMA (which can be found in full here):

Note — Reddit User= RU


1) What’s the biggest difference between Vince McMahon and Dana White?

2) What’s the biggest similarity between Vince McMahon and Dana White?

3) Who’d win in a fight?

Grisham: 1) n/a 2) Both great promoters and they don’t take shit from anyone. 3) Dana White would win… age is on his side. However, no DQ I got Vince in the points


RU: Who approached you initially for an opportunity at the UFC commentator gig? And aside from commentating, is there any other projects you’ll be working on?

Grisham: It was mutual. I have a thing coming up for Wal-Mart… not as a greeter.


RU: Todd what was the most challenging thing you faced during or in preparation for your first UFC broadcasting gig the other night?

Grisham: 11 fights…22 fighters…5 hour long show. Preparation was intensive


RU: Stone Cold or the Rock?

Grisham: The Rock


RU: Todd, what was the reaction like from UFC brass to your commentary debut? What feedback/tips/praises/critiques were you given?

Grisham: Overall, it was positive. They asked me back on March 11th from the Fox Studio.


RU: Why do you think that kickboxing has not gone mainstream in North America, particularly the United States? Especially because in MMA I feel most causal fans simply want to see them fight on the feet.

Grisham: When fans watch, they get hooked… like i did.


RU: How was the transition from Pro Wrestling to Real Combat Sports as a commentator?

Grisham: Calling WWE is the hardest thing I’ve done. In other sports, your’e calling what you see. In WWE, there are things you can’t say and its a fine line you don’t want to cross.


RU: Craziest fight you have ever seen? What are your long term plans for with regards to UFC broadcasting? Loved hearing you on Sunday!

Grisham: Thanks for the love. Danyo Ilunga vs. Michael Duut check it out here:


RU: Who are the top prospects in Glory that haven’t fought for the title?

Grisham: If he wins tomorrow, Richard Abraham.


RU: What’s your favorite mma fight of all time?

Grisham: Dan Hendo vs. Shogun Rua 1.


RU: Did you rehearse the line, “Carla thinks she won! Randa thinks she won! Let’s see who was right!”?

Grisham: No and quite frankly it doesn’t sound too clever.


RU:What is the thing you’re most proud of between announcing for the WWE and working for ESPN? Do you have any regrets?

Grisham: The fact that I’ve been able to work for some of the biggest sports organizations in the world. GLORY, ESPN, UFC, and Fox… I’m taking over.


RU: Todd, what was the best rib pulled on you in WWE?

Grisham: Someone told Stone Cold that I thought wrestling was fake… it didnt end well


RU: How did the shift from covering Pro Wrestling to Combat Sports happen?

How nervous were you during your UFC commentary debut? I imagine it had a different atmosphere than Glory in there. Or maybe you thought they were similar?

Grisham: I treated it like any other broadcast as best i could. I wasn’t nervous just excited. when doing a 5 hour show its hard to be nervous. Eventually, it became a conversation between Stann and I.


RU: Is there a stigma you have to face with now joining the UFC coming from WWE? If so, how do you deal with it?

I for one thought you did excellent in your UFC commentary debut. Keep it up man!

Grisham: CM Punk took all the heat for me.


RU: Out of all your commentary partners in WWE who would you say was your favorite to work with?

Grisham: I learned the most from JR (Jim Ross). Had the most fun with Matt Striker.


RU: Todd, which did you enjoy more commentating at first?

A. Your first UFC show

B. Your first WWE(WWF?) show

Grisham: Tough to say, but since UFC just happened. Id go with that


RU: Todd, which fighter/wrestler has the best taste in music?

Grisham: Anyone who like 80’s glam rock is cool with me.


RU: Todd, what do you think about how much of a freak Cody Garbrandt is?

Grisham: I love Cody Garbrandt, one of my favorite fighters.


RU: Who are you’re favorite fighters?

Grisham: ALL TIME: Evander Holyfield

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