Internet Giant Google Now Enters Fashion Market

Posted under Lifestyle,Technology by Ashley Genet on Thursday 18 November 2010 at 4:52 pm

As if Google didn’t already have enough to party about, their party continues. On Wednesday night technology giant celebrated their newest market entry, This site will establish their presence in the high fashion world online.

Munjal Shah of Google had the following to say about the entry and the site launch - “Fashion is overwhelming, and so what most people want when they shop is a curated experience, So we said, celebrities, designers and others, ‘come in.’ They actually curate items for you to come in and buy, so it’s a virtual boutique they set up. And in addition to that, they actually teach what their taste is like. We literally used some of the key strengths of Google – the ability to build artificial intelligent system that can understand and learn. One example is we built a system to automatically recommend things to complete a look.”

The technology is amazing, it allows for certain things like a simple pair of shoes to be entered into the search form. Based on your entry will then provide you with not only the matching necklaces, bracelets, jewelry but even things like diaper bags and other accessories to match the style. It will also direct you to where you can purchase these items online.

A social media factor of the site also exists, which currently only has items for women, as it also allows you to follow people whose trend you admire to get updates on what they’re buying and looking at similar to following their updates on social networking sites like Twitter.

What some in the fashion industry said they like in particular about the site is that it’s a good starting off point for anyone – from women who think they’re ready to produce their own runway show to those who can’t even choose a t-shirt to go with a pair of jeans.

Google says Boutiques will eventually cater to men, as well.

For those who try it and like it enough to want the experience everywhere, there’s also a Boutiques iPad app.

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