Khabib Nurmagomedov Talks UFC 209 Fiasco: ‘My Apologies For All My Fans’


Khabib Nurmagomedov never made it to the cage for his scheduled UFC Interim Lightweight Championship bout on Saturday night against Tony Ferguson, as ‘The Eagle’ reportedly felt a sharp pain in his liver just 5.5lbs away from the 155-pound championship bout limit and decided to independently, without the UFC’s consent, go to a hospital in the Las Vegas area for treatment.

“Basically, his (Khabib’s) team had decided to take him to just some random hospital here in Las Vegas instead of picking up the phone and calling our doctor and calling Brianna, who runs all the medicals,” said UFC President Dana White. “They went rogue and went out and did their own thing. Had they done this thing the right way, the fight probably could have been saved.”

Khabib took to his Instagram page last night to give an update on his health and issued his fans an apology:

Чтобы ты не делал или кем бы ты не был, ты получишь то, что Всевышний предписал тебе. Альхамдулиллах за все что мне Всевышний дал за эти 28 лет, я даже получил то, что и не просил Его.
Я знаю много людей ждали этот бой и я всех подвёл.
На счёт сорванного боя хочу извинится перед моими болельщиками, UFC и перед моим соперником.
С моим здоровьем все хорошо Альхамдулиллах, бывало и хуже, но каждый раз эти испытания меня делали только сильнее.
Спасибо Всем за поддержку.

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Whoever you are or whatever you do, you’ll get only what God prescribed for you.
AlhamduliLlah for everything God gifted me for my 28 years, I got much more than I asked. I know that many people was waiting for this fight and I fail them.
Want to bring my apologies for all my fans, UFC and my opponent Tony.
My health is fine now, thanks God. These tough testing only makes me stronger.
Thank everyone for the support.

The Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson fight has not yet been rebooked, and Tony Ferguson has called out Conor McGregor for a UFC Lightweight Championship bout in the aftermath of UFC 209. ‘El Cucuy’ talked about the cancellation of the Khabib fight at the UFC 209 weigh-ins:

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