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Posted under Books by Alison Deloy on Friday 12 November 2010 at 5:25 am

– Excruciating pain is something Nicholas must daily endure while resisting his desires, through constant exercise of self control. The suffering he could cause others would be substantially worse if he were to ever lose his tenacity to resist. His temptations have grown significantly worse after an encounter with a starved and obsessed Succubus named Delilah. Nicholas has now become her most sought after conquest; and she will not cease her intent in capturing his heart and devotion. Nicholas embarks on a journey, ignited by what he feels is the necessity to flee from Delilah’s grasp, in his fear for the safety of others. He discovers an unusual world during his journey, far stranger than he could have ever imagined. A world where the unanswered questions he’s always longed for, start to unveil more than just who and what he really is. Nicholas is no longer a day dreaming child full of delusions, but he is a man embarking on his own Odyssey and ready to discover his purpose. He wasn’t just simply running away as far as he could from Delilah, the truth was far more complicated. He sees the opportunity to get to what he believed to be the source of all his suffering, the place where the story of what he was began; The Cradle of Life. You are invited to take a journey into this literary world that will steadily become clearer to you the deeper you dive, and if you pay attention you’ll discover answers to some of the philosophical questions we have in our own world today.

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Raider Publishing International is a publishing company based in New York City, London and Cape Town. With authors in over eighty different countries worldwide, Raider Publishing International is an award winning organization with bestsellers on four different continents. For more information about Legatum, L.L. Brunk, or Raider Publishing International, please contact the address below. The author and publisher are currently available for interviews and a free review copy of L.L. Brunk is available by request to all members of the credited media.

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