LSI Corporation Expands Market Becoming Part Of World Supercomputer

Posted under Technology by Jason Genet on Wednesday 17 November 2010 at 4:13 pm

LSI Corporation announced that they have implemented the LSI™ Engenio® storage system technology into the world’s sixth fastest supercomputer which is possessed by the French Atomic Energy Commission in their Military Applications Division. The computer processes at an astonishing 1.25 petaflops, which to many normal, everyday PC users is something not even fathomable. The installation of this technology is a major monument for LSI Corporation and another building block in their partnership between the French Atomic Energy Commission and LSI/Bull (Bull is a leader in high-performance computing throughout the European Union.) The Atomic Energy Commission is a government-funded technology organization that has initiated colloborative programs with various technological industry leaders since 2008.

These relationships and the government funding they provide are extremely beneficial for companies like Bull and LSI. The partnership was established to help extend the capacity and capabilities of the Tera 100 Supercomputing Center, which as mentioned previously is the 6th largest supercomputer in the world.

“Supercomputing solutions are essential technology that help to accelerate scientific research by supporting the requirements of the world’s most demanding application environments,” said Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere, Chef de Service, CEA/DAM. “By offering a balance between processing power, data throughput and fault tolerance, the LSI storage system technology has enabled us to support the widest possible range of computer simulation applications running at the Tera 100 supercomputing center.”

The Tera 100 storage cluster combines bullx S Series servers and LSI Engenio storage technology to deliver 200GB/s bandwidth to the CEA IT center’s 15 petabyte clustered infrastructure running the Lustre™ file system.

“LSI is proud to be providing the data storage backbone of one of the world’s leading supercomputing centers,” said Steve Hochberg, senior director, HPC segment, LSI. “This is a testament to the exceptional performance and reliability of LSI storage system technology, and we’re honored to play an integral role in the critical scientific research conducted at this premier government facility.”

With over 200 petabytes deployed in HPC environments and more than 500,000 systems shipped across a wide range of workloads and market segments, LSI Engenio storage systems are helping to accelerate scientific research and innovation for many of the world’s largest government and university-based research centers.


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