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MMA Newsline Authors

Please find below a list of the main writers for MMANewsline. You can contact any of them by using their first name and then

John Petit

John is one of the lead writers for MMA Newsline.  His day to day duties include celebrity interviews and MMA Newsline’s editorial comments on the latest happenings in the Entertainment industry .  John is an experienced writer who has enjoyed years of writing and following the things he is most passionate about.

Jason Genet

Jason is the former Editor in Chief for numerous entertainment blogs and websites.  Jason writes about the business side of the Entertainment industry and provides editorial support for MMA Newsline.

Jordan McCreery

Jordan is our lifestyle reporter.  Jordan, having just earned his degree in the fields of Marketing & Management, is our writer with his pulse on what is happening now.  Jordan will be reviewing gadgets, websites, clothing and anything else current and relative to the lifestyle of the demographic that is making the most happen today, the 18-35 year olds.

Alison Deloy

Having studied at Georgia Southern University Alison will be responsible for reporting on the Movie and Book aspect of the site specifically.  She is currently also the Editor of, one of the largest fan sites for the extremely popular ‘Twilight’ book and movie series.

Ashley Genet

Ashley is young, hip and not scared to speak her mind. Although she doesn’t have any formal journalist training, she is fast becoming a well known name in the entertainment industry with her blogs being picked up by various websites and content providers.

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